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We know that in a time of need, there can be so many questions before you feel comfortable taking the next step. But, time is of the essence! So, we've compiled some FAQs to provide additional details.

  • We have an emergency. How quickly can you get someone to our facility?
    Our Assign an Expert program is designed to provide immediate access to food safety specialists to mitigate risk and face challenges head on in a timely manner. Based on your needs, we're able to quickly identify candidates on our team, usually within 1-2 days. Interviews with Assign an Expert candidates can be scheduled as quickly as schedules allow, and once complete, we normally have our expert on-site the next week. This timeframe will vary, but you can always contact us to discuss how quickly we can get an expert to your facility.
  • Are experts only available for short-term assignments? It's taking us months to fill a critical role.
    It can be very time-consuming finding the right fit for a vacant critical role on your team. Our experts are available for long-term assignments, as well as short-term. In fact, our longest Assign an Expert program has been 12 months! Imagine having the peace of mind that your operations and team can focus on producing safe, high-quality food products, while the recruitment search continues without added pressure. We can even help with your interview process and provide insights into skillsets and other qualifications you should look for.
  • How will we know that our Assign an Expert can get the job done? I need someone I can trust.
    The interview process is critical to a successful Assign an Expert program. From the beginning, we discuss your needs to identify the best possible fit, and we make proposals of candidates we believe will work best in your team. We consider details that not only include the professional skills of our experts, but personality and cultural fits as well. The best part is that we're in this together! You have the opportunity to conduct your own interview with our proposed expert so you can see for yourself whether or not you'd like to proceed. And, we're happy to provide additional candidates to interview. Just remember, after the interview process is complete, we're able to schedule your expert on-site. So, the sooner the right match is found, the sooner we can get to work.
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